Will WE Stop the Train? Stop it WE can and stop it WE must. (Emphasize WE)

“Community practice is crucial at this time. It’s crucial not to be alone in front of the computer, reading media. That makes the world dark for you. Find flesh.” Buddhist monk Phap Dung

Major systemic changes to the economy and to the energy sector (U.S. and world) are needed and that requires many levels of WE.

1. WE need leaders at the international and national levels, as well as state and local, to recognize that aggressive action is urgently needed. Then they must act accordingly.

2. People by the millions and hundreds of millions must recognize that #1 will not happen unless WE the people make it happen. Leaders don’t create political will. They respond to it.

3. WE need faith leaders lamenting the losses we are experiencing in nature, pleading for climate justice and creation care, showing us how to pray or to petition higher powers in the face of a global emergency.   

Firebird Visits the Elders by Robert F Allen & Kevin L. Miller

4. WE need artists to show us both the beauty and the suffering of the Earth and her creatures. We need them to “create the uncreated conscience” of the race. (James Joyce)

5. WE need the scientists to continue telling the public what is happening in as clear terms as possible.

6. WE need economists to explain things like ‘externalities’, carbon taxes and carbon dividends.

7. WE need to listen to those who speak on behalf of the Earth, including front-line indigenous peoples.

“The future is not something that will come to us; the future is built by us, by how we speak and what we do in the present moment. Community practice is crucial at this time. It’s crucial not to be alone in front of the computer, reading media. That makes the world dark for you. Find flesh. There are still wonderful things happening.” Buddhist monk Phap Dung

Pain for the world is a phrase that covers a range of feelings, including outrage, alarm, grief, dread and despair. This is a normal, healthy response to a world in trauma.” Joanna Macy

Here are some encouraging news items:

 António Guterres, the UN secretary general, promised to hold a summit for world leaders which requires they confront the dangers of climate change. Guterres says it is “immoral and suicidal” if we don’t take firm and urgent action equal to the problem.

Coalitions of civil society groups will be putting these leaders on the spot in the lead up to this summit and will confront them at the summit, highlighting especially the role of women and young people.

French president, Emmanuel Macron, will hold a One World Summit this summer to persuade businesses to take a leading role in addressing climate change. They will be challenged to invest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in changing the way they use energy.

(BTW, the cost of renewable energy technology continues to drop. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/renewableenergy)

In the U.S., Congress is finally talking climate solutions. Look up the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act ( https://energyinnovationact.org/) Ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor this legislation. Look at the proposed Green New Deal. The climate conversation has finally moved to ‘what is the best approach to achieving solutions’ rather than ‘is it happening or not?’

A Franklin and Marshall College poll of registered Pennsylvania voters tells us that 67% of them answered YES to ‘Is climate change causing problems now?’

photo by Michelle Johnsen

 Lancaster, Pennsylvania has been working on a Climate Action Plan. A public presentation of this plan will occur on May 9, 2019 at the Ware Center in downtown Lancaster, 6:30-8:30pm. Mayor Danene Sorace and Marie Cusick from NPR’s State Impact will be providing comments on climate action in the City and across the state, respectively. The vision, goals, strategies, and emissions targets will also be presented. There will be time for Q&A with the audience.

This LNP/Lancasteronline editorial from Dec 5, 2018 nails it. 


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