Can You See Me Now?



In her latest blog post, the Rev. Dr. Leah Schade talks about “Holy Humor Sunday”, which a growing number of churches now celebrate on the Sunday after Easter, which this year is April 27th.

As she explains: “In the early church, the Sunday after Easter was observed by the faithful as a day of joy and laughter with parties and picnics to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. The custom of Bright Sunday, as it was called, came from the idea of some early church theologians that God played a practical joke on the devil by raising Jesus from the dead. Easter was God’s supreme joke played on death—risus paschalis—“the Easter laugh!” On this Sunday people dress in clown outfits, paint their faces, wear underwear on the outside of their clothes, men dress as women (and vice versa), and jugglers and jokesters add to the carnival of joy.”


It just so happens that I am speaking at 2 different churches on  April 27th. My topic, however, is one that is none too funny; i.e. Climate Change. As you may have guessed, I will not be dressing like a clown! However, I do aim to move beyond gloom and doom. My goal is to inspire hope and activate faith.

Earlier this week I spoke to a group of people about climate change. I asked them to engage in an exercise with 2 parts. Here it is: look at someone near you. First, consider the very real possibility that the person you’re looking at could become a victim of climate change through extreme weather, rising seas, food and water shortages, etc. This is quite a sobering thought!

Second, look at that same person again. Now consider the very real possibility that you’re looking at someone who will contribute in a major way to healing our natural world and ushering in a new way of living together. This is quite an empowering thought once you grasp the truth of it!

As people of faith, we can see the unseen and inspire the best in one another! As caretakers of creation, we can move mountains of despair by taking action!

Tomorrow’s children will find joy and laughter in their living if we are willing to call on our deepest resources of faith today!

If not us, who? If not now, when?






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