The Last Supper Re-imagined


My friend Robert F Allen has an uncanny gift for relating to animals. He also creates incredible paintings such as “The Last Supper”, a 4 ft by 7 ft acrylic on canvas. To me this painting expresses the beauty and value of each individual creature. This gives me joy. Yet it also reminds me that species are daily disappearing forever from the earth. This causes me pain and grief.

Two Bible stories seem to blend in Robert’s painting of “The Last Supper”. There is the story of Noah saving the species from destruction in the face of great weather extremes. Then, of course, the Last Supper eaten by Jesus and his disciples ‘on the night before he was betrayed’.

When Jesus revealed at The Last Supper that one of the 12 would betray him, all around the table asked “Is it I?”  Betrayal is one of the most painful experiences imaginable! If you’ve ever been ‘stabbed in the back’ by someone you trusted, you know this is true. 

 Christians are now about 3 weeks away from the annual commemoration of Christ’s last earthly experiences. To truly enter into the spirit of these observances is to ask oneself the “Is it I?’ question. Who have we betrayed? Who will we betray if we don’t take action?

How are we betraying the animals by our continuation of climate wrecking CO2 emissions? Scientists tell us that extinctions are happening at an ever accelerating pace. To know this and not turn from our destructive behavior seems like a huge betrayal. Can our faith empower us to make the needed changes to slow down and eventually reverse this extinction trend?

Another betrayal we need to address is to the future generations of our own species, our children and grandchildren. Don’t we have a sacred trust to pass on a livable planet to them? Here are the lyrics to Children of Tomorrow,a song I wrote about this:

Children of tomorrow ride on waves of rising sorrow

Asking us one question-“Why did you do this to us? To us?

Why did you do this to us?”

Children of disaster judging us by how we answer

Answer now their question-‘Why did you do this to us? To us?

Why did you do this to us?”

Love your neighbor as yourself

Seven generations

Every species needs your love

All our children’s nations.


Children of our children suffering pain from our inaction,

Crying out one question:

“Why did you do this to us? To us?

Why did you do this to us?”


“Lord, is it I?”



2 thoughts on “The Last Supper Re-imagined

  1. It’s always good to stop and look and think. Just think. And not about yourself but everyone else, everything around you and that everything is a gift. Remember how special gifts are. Remember that. A lot of things change when you remember.

  2. Thanks Brian! Good thoughts, for sure. Life is a precious gift which contains innumerable other gifts. My question here may be ‘What gifts are we leaving as a legacy?” Or “What other gifts might we be destroying?”

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