Jerry Welcome to ‘faith and climate: seeking divine guidance while respecting the findings of science’.
I’m Jerry Lee Miller, a faith-based American who takes my faith and my citizenship seriously.
As a Church of the Brethren minister (now retired), I understand the power of faith.
As an American citizen, I appreciate my rights to advocate for solutions when I see a problem. Not only is it my right, but it is also my responsibility. If I see a present or future threat to my neighbors, it is my duty to speak up.

I want to leave my home community of Lancaster County Pennsylvania, as well as the world, a better place for our grandchildren.
But as I’ve studied and read about the growing threat of climate change it has brought me to my knees and has also motivated me to exercise my rights to do what I can. I know something must be done before things change so much we no longer recognize where we grew up.

This blog is a forum for faith-based conversation on the climate crisis.
Feel free to suggest topics for future posts.
You may also submit a guest post. Just message me for guidelines.

You can also contact me at jerry_miller@comcast.net

I’m available to speak to faith groups regarding this urgent issue.

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